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Versatile CRM. Suited for every business


The Projects module helps you organize and manage your projects. You can create projects, assign tasks, set deadlines, and track the progress of each project.


This module allows you to create estimates or quotes for potential projects or services. It helps in providing clients with detailed cost breakdowns before they commit to a project.


Invoicing is a crucial part of any business. Perfex provides an Invoices module that allows you to create and manage invoices for your clients, helping you keep track of payments and outstanding balances.

Support Tickets

If your business involves providing customer support, the Support Tickets module allows you to manage and respond to customer inquiries and issues effectively..


This module allows you to manage your clients and their details. You can store contact information, view client activities, and track their interactions with your business.


The Leads module helps you track potential clients or opportunities. You can record details about leads and convert them into clients when they become actual customers.

Including Taxes With Below Features
* Renewal Cycle : Every 12 month(s)
  • Allowed Invoices: Unlimited
  • Allowed Customers: Unlimited
  • Allowed Contracts: Unlimited
  • Allowed Projects: Unlimited
  • Allowed Estimates: Unlimited
  • Allowed Credit Notes: Unlimited
  • Allowed Payments: Unlimited
  • Allowed Items: Unlimited
  • Allowed Proposals: Unlimited
  • Allowed Expenses: Unlimited
  • Allowed Tasks: Unlimited
  • Allowed Support Tickets: Unlimited
  • Allowed Leads: Unlimited
  • Allowed Staffs: Unlimited
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GOPL is able to serve every Business Segment with our module.

Sports & Fitness

Personal trainers, Gyms Fitness classes, Yoga classes Golf classes, Sport items renting

Beauty and Wellness

Eyelash extensions , Hair salons, Spa salons Beauty salons, Nail salons

Events & entertainment

Art classes, Escape rooms Photographers, Equipment Rental & more.

Officials & Financial

Embassies and consulates, City councils, Call centers Financial services, Interview scheduling.

Personal meetings

Counselling ,Coaching, Business, Advisory, Spiritual services & more.

Driving Lessons

Driving Schools, Driving Instructors.

Education System

Universities, Colleges, Schools, Libraries, Parent meetings, Tutoring lessons.

Medical services

Massage & Body Treatments, Dental Clinics, Medical Clinics & more.